Spring 2015 : Good news!

Patrick McLoughlin, a friend and fellow cyclist, is poised to take over Highpath Engineering,
ensuring the continued availability of Pulse cycle products and services,
but not, however, EGGring chainrings.

I'll keep you posted here.

Winter 2014-15 : Forced retirement

I regret that, for health reasons, I'm unable to continue
making things or doing repairs. Sorry!

Autumn 2014 : Wales to Gibraltar

I somehow managed to cycle, solo and unsupported,
3300 km from Wales to the Straits of Gibraltar last autumn.

As a result, and with your generous help, over £10,000 has been
donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders - MSF).

Please click here to read my weekly blog, see some photos,
and make further donations to this very worthwhile cause.



Special products for cyclists across the World

Chris Bell runs Highpath Engineering from a small workshop in rural Wales, offering a range of specialist services to cyclists across the World. He made his reputation through innovative work with cycle chainrings and, more recently, through his pedalling aids for disabled cyclists. Chris regrets that he's no longer able to work full-time, but he still manages to make a limited number of Pulse products as and when he can.

Dave Wrath-Sharman made his ground-breaking Highpath bicycles at a time when mountain-bikes were still in their infancy, and he remains the only person to have made small hub brakes that really worked. Nowadays he spends much of his time looking after the animals at a local National Trust farm!

30 years of innovation...
HIGHPATH Big Blue bike

Dave started Highpath Engineering to manufacture the much sought-after Highpath and Cleland cross-country cycles, years before 'mountain bikes' caught on. He also designed his innovative SwingCam brakes - the only cycle hub brakes that really worked.

EGGrings EGGring

Chris launched his EGGring custom chainrings. They have been used to win Olympic gold medals and exhibited on bikes in London's Science Museum and Millenium Dome.

Click here for more information on EGGring Round chainrings and EGGring Oval chainrings.

BROX Brox quadricycle

Dave and Chris got together to design the ground-breaking Brox quadricycle. This widely-acclaimed design has been featured on several televison programs about technical innovation.

Although the Brox never reached full production, its design has inspired many other machines.

HIGHPATH 42 bike

Dave set up Highpath Design and Development to offer consultancy and prototyping services to other designers, and to work on experimental Zero- and Low-Emission transport.

Pulse Swing Crank

Chris introduced Pulse Swing Cranks and Pedal Extenders to help disabled cyclists to ride again, and Crank Shorteners to help shorter riders to cycle comfortably.

Click here for more information on Pulse Crank Shorteners, Pulse Swing Cranks and Pulse Pedal Extenders.

2011 onwards

It's with the greatest regret that Chris has been forced into semi-retirement and he asks customers to allow him more time to fulfill their orders. He's stopped making EGGring chainrings but still produces small batches of his Pulse pedalling aids and continues to provide his popular crank-shortening and crank-repair service.


Click here for more information on Chris and Dave
Click here to contact Highpath Engineering





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